We are now in Alert Level 3 for Covid-19.

Level 3 is still lockdown. Yes there is a loosening up (see our Essential services and Government information), but…


....You wake up with a terrible cough, a fever, and severe body aches. Immediately, you rush to the doctor. Unfortunately, you’re diagnosed with COVID-19. For the last two weeks, you’ve been unaware that you were infected. For the last two weeks, you’ve ignored "the rules," gotten together with some close friends for pizza, had a few people over, even visited some parks and beaches. You figured, “I don’t feel sick," and "I have the right to keep living my normal life!"

With your diagnosis, you spend the next few days at home on the couch, feeling pretty crappy; but then you’re well again because you’re young, healthy and strong. Lucky you. But your best friend caught it from you during a visit to your house, and because she didn't know she was contagious, she visited her 82-year-old grandfather, who uses oxygen tanks daily to help him breathe because he has COPD and heart failure.

Now, he’s dead.

Your co-worker, who has asthma, caught it too, during your little pizza get-together. Now, he’s in the ICU, and he's spread it to a few others in his family, too--but they won't know that for another couple of weeks yet.