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Setting up at Venue number 20 - Grey Lynn Community Centre

We are delighted that Venue number 20 on our Papatūānuku Urban Flora and Fauna Trails is the Grey Lynn Community Centre at 510 Richmond Road.

New manager David Williams has been six months in his role managing the Grey Lynn Community Centre. Right now apart from all the bustle of activities and groups who use the Centre, he has two major events happening; the Grey Lynn Community Centre is the place for local people to vote, and it is also hosting a range of art works as a part of Papatūānuku - Urban Flora and Fauna Trails.

He says the Grey Lynn Community Centre is delighted to be a part of Artweek2020, and particularly in a post-Covid world. Artweek is a tremendous opportunity and encouragement for people to get out and about in their local community, engaging with the art on display and enabling a reconnect with their local environment, neighbours and friends.

Here are our artists …

Amiria Puia-Taylor (@thepeopleweaver)

Shane Hanson

Lisa Critchley

Jane Eureti

Edith Amituanai

Olivia Dobrowolski

David says right now most of the people who use the Centre are about 60% down on their normal capacity, whether its yoga teachers or other community activities, so these events really help.

For David Williams, the purpose for the Community Centre is to be as relevant as we can be for the community.

“We are an empty space, here to facilitate as diverse a range of community activity as we can” says David. Lucky for everyone David comes with an extensive and diverse work experience in venues and major events. Last year he was able to fit in a trip – to walk Hadrian’s Wall - before he began at the Grey Lynn Community Centre and Covid-19 changed the world.

And just look at these pics as Hannah Holm and the artists set up....congratulations to them all!

Watch this space for more commentary.



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David Williams

Manager | Grey Lynn Community Centre

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