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Project Update: Planting Scheme Winner!

Last month we asked our community to vote on their preference for a planting scheme design for our pot installation in Grey Lynn.

Well, the votes are in and.....

.... It was a dead tie!

So in order to maintain a healthy democracy in our hood, we will be combining both planting schemes to create a design as unique as Grey Lynn.

Stage 1 - Pot Painting

The project will be launched this weekend, with the first stage taking place at the Grey Lynn Community center. We have enlisted the help of an artist who will be painting some of our pots in a live installation taking place during Artweek.


Grey Lynn Community Centre

Saturday 9th October (and maybe Sunday 10th...)

From 10am

Stage 2 - Planting

This will be taking place on Sunday 18th October on the corner of Great North Rd and Williamson Ave. We are looking for volunteers to assist with the installation and if you are interested in coming along to help, please get in touch with;

Martin Steel-Brown

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