Jenny Tomlin: Pinhole is seductive in its amalgam of surprise and serendipity

Jenny Tomlin is an Auckland analogue photographer and printer specialising in pinhole photography and alt-photo practices.

She completed a BFA at Elam in 1984 and has worked as a darkroom printer, both in NZ as well as overseas. Since 2002 she has been running a darkroom printing service for film photographers as well as exhibiting her work.

Making the cameras from discarded objects and taking advantage of the unique qualities of each camera is important - often these are continually altered to further explore unexpected outcomes. Pinhole is seductive in its amalgam of surprise and serendipity, the anticipation of an imagined image before being revealed.

The lumen prints were a response to the first Lockdown and a lot more time spent in the garden observing. The layout is done in the darkroom and then taken outside to develop. The strength of the sun, age/type of paper, and length of exposure all contribute to the tones. The images are then fixed which stabilises the image. It’s such a direct process and like pinhole, transforms the object.

Jenny will be exhibiting at various Grey Lynn and Around venues including Freida Margolis and Big Sur.

Find at Freida Margolis the image 'Rocket Moon' (pinhole)

One example of the lumen prints in Big Sur is 'Ghost Hydrangea'

Jenny Tomlin with some of her pinhole cameras.

To see examples of her work; Instagram; jenny_camera_obscura or


The pinhole image 'Bangalow' can be seen at Dalston.

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