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Holly Schroder created the flagship poster for the Papatūānuku...

Young Auckland visual artist Holly Schroder created the flagship poster for the Papatūānuku, Urban Flora and Fauna Trails, and you can see more of her work at a favourite local bar and restaurant Pocketbar.

Life is full-on for Holly Schroder, working full time from her home studio in Ponsonby. Holly works in a number of mediums and fields from large scale acrylic painting, animation, light installation to running weekly art-making workshops, and still finds time to participate in our Artweek. Go Holly!

Holly's style has been described as rhythmic, patterned and high-contrast. Some works are rendered simply in black and white but when Holly uses colour, it is bold and highly saturated. “My style, in paintings and other media including large-scale animations and light installations, is based on movement patterns I observe in everyday life. Diving into other media is a way of sparking ideas to bring back to my painting.”

For more about Holly View her portfolio of work here.

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