Grey Lynn Farmers Market Update

Sunday Grey Lynn Famers Market

A message from our fellow community organisation, the Grey Lynn Farmers Market;

"Our beloved local Market has a plan for re-opening, aiming for re-opening on Sunday 24 May.

When we re-open, we will have some new process to keep everyone safe, here are some of the main changes.

The market will be spread out, as we were at the last market.

People will enter through the main front door, exit through the carpark, and follow a one-way path through the market.

We will ask people to book into half-hour arrival windows to minimise congestion at the market. The good news for Friends of the Market, is that we will allocate some priority time slots for Friends. Annual Membership is until 1 October, when you will be reminded to renew. To join until 1 October 2020, the reduced cost is $15. If you want to sign-up as a Friend of the Market, please sign-up here.

We will also be collecting details from everyone at the market, including stallholders and market workers. This is required in case someone at the market tests positive for COVID-19 and health authorities need to talk to people who have been in contact with them. Fingers crossed the data is never needed. Our system for doing this will date and time stamp entries"

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