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Great North Road Update

The Grey Lynn Business Association has been working for many months on developing potential parking solutions given the prospect of significant reductions in parking on GNR With the road redevelopment now proceeding we've taken a strong position on developing parking solutions for impacted businesses before any work commences on the road.

Current situation - Auckland Transport have advised the following "The project will be split into two phases, the first phase consists of preparation works which will include Auckland Council Healthy Waters (ACHW) and utility investigation, ducting works, and the establishment of 40 tree pits. Construction works will commence upon completion of phase one, of which you will be notified with further information closer to the time. We would like to express our gratitude to the many members of the community who have invested their time over several years to help shape this project. The current GNR parking plan retains the existing 162 parks on the side streets, with some re-configuration near the kerb build-outs for loading zone / delivery spaces. A summary of the side street parking is shown on a table on page 3. "

The proposed park timing zones are listed by colour on the drawings. Car transporter loading zones are shown on sheets 8, 9 and 10, as well as some existing paid parking areas. The last page has parking duration guidance and use notes. The attached set also includes 20 light green spaces on Great North Road that we are seeking sight line design departures to allow to include, these would be available in the off peak of the dynamic bus lanes.

What We’re Up To Parking GLBA have requested and AT have agreed to:

  • an intensive survey of business parking needs in the Arch Hill area ie the area bound by Bond, Great North road and Newton Road. This may introduce a more robust but paid parking solution.

  • promotion of the Parkable app an app which manages employee and tenant parking.

  • continued investigation of off street mass parking solutions

  • on-going examination of optimising side street parking.

And as we have said above a solution must be in place before work takes place. Engagement in detailed planning AT are planning on convening a liaison group including nominated businesses. While GLBA will take a lead role in this we do need individual businesses to engage with us and participate. Creating place by belonging to GLBA Belonging to a pro active business association such as the GLBA enables your interests to be quickly communicated to AT. We can form a forceful voice for progressive change. It was this voice that worked tirelessly to ensure we did not lose the $28m already earmarked for the project. In our view this project is about creating vibrancy and increased opportunities for business - is about placemaking and embracing change.

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