Celebrating Our Members - City Botanics

City Botanics is a specialist garden design studio that sprouted from the observation that our cities are changing, and they are changing fast. With an increase in higher density living, our homes are gardens are getting smaller. Their strong beliefs about how gardens should fit into today’s world, are incorporated into their business every day, says owner Martin Steel-Brown.

“We believe that gardens and plants can heal and provide a sense of calm in today's chaotic world. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to incorporate nature into their daily lives, regardless of the size of their living space or how green their thumbs. That's why at City Botanics, we strive to create functional, thoughtful and hassle-free gardens & plantscapes for busy urban dwellers”

Focusing on designing and installing gardens in apartments, courtyards, townhouses, small yards, and interiors, their goal is to provide a service that allows their customers to be captivated by plants each and every day so that they too can harvest that special connection our gardens provide. And their customers are jumping on board.

“Thanks to City Botanics carefully selecting plants, this former plant killer (me) is now a reformed green thumb! Every day I wake up to a beautifully landscaped native garden and every corner In my house has a plant - this all makes me so happy!” (Kiki Isidorou)

For owner Martin, starting a business that revolved around plants, dirt and nature seemed to be an easy decision.

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