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Business Evolves - Studio on Surrey

One of our newest members over the past few weeks, Studio On Surrey shares their story on how there business has had to evolve in the wake of COVID-19.

Grey Lynn's local fitness studio. Where you can have your own personalised programs, or you can choose to do your own thing in your own space. Trainers and Coaches motivate and train you, there’s the latest cardio/ strength equipment, power plate and reformer. Studio on Surrey is open 24/7 with secure access,

Co-owner Natalie Skinner says when she and co-owner Jaimee Sabin first closed the doors their main feeling was sadness in not to be able to carry on exercising as a community.

“Still we knew everyone would be okay because our clients all hold the importance of exercise as a high priority in their lives. I knew whether at home or in nature they’d be keeping fit!”

The coaches quickly adapted to an online environment.

“I was very busy online.I had online personal training – sometimes with groups – they’d all be on the same meeting. I did FB live rolling classes, me and my dog, called “Rolling with Nat and Ollie.”

“My oldest client online was 88 and over lockdown I taught him how to use Messenger and Zoom…online!! We did our sessions this way. I had a number of oldies and my youngest students were aged 8 and 11 - it was great to get them excited about exercise, jumping around. Some of my clients used their children’s playgrounds to exercise. I invented exercises with tissue boxes (used as sliding devices, for the core and all sorts of things… kitchen cans…). It’s amazing what you can make do with and do online.

I had a lot of animals involved in my sessions. Often this was a cat blocking my view or dog stealing the equipment, mainly the massage balls!


Natalie said online she was still able to earn some income. “We did have to close our Studio and stop our member payments as well as our team of trainers’ rents. his was the fair and right thing to do as we were closed.”

The day we could in Level 2 we were open!

Looking forward. “Everyone is feeling positive. We have some awesome guidelines and protocols… washing hands coming into the gym, disinfectant to clean everything, keeping our 1.5 metres of distance. Because we are a small community it’s easy for us to do this.

And when members come in we can immediately contact trace them.”

The future

“Natalie and Jaimee say from the lockdown people have really understood the importance of exercise and wellness. For those who need help to keep this up or want to find out more about keeping healthy and fit, please get in touch.

“For the environment we’ve learnt if we didn’t know before, that we can use different modes of transport that are good for the planet and our own health. My lens is that if we keep healthy then we are not a burden on others. The sustainability of our business is ensuring this - and if you are healthy and fit you can look after the planet.”

Natalie Skinner and Jaimee Sabin Studio

Check out what they are doing at

Studio On Surrey

UNIT 107a/19 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

Phone: 022 171 6489


Fb -Studio on Surrey

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