Business Evolves - Studio on Surrey

One of our newest members over the past few weeks, Studio On Surrey shares their story on how there business has had to evolve in the wake of COVID-19.

Grey Lynn's local fitness studio. Where you can have your own personalised programs, or you can choose to do your own thing in your own space. Trainers and Coaches motivate and train you, there’s the latest cardio/ strength equipment, power plate and reformer. Studio on Surrey is open 24/7 with secure access,

Co-owner Natalie Skinner says when she and co-owner Jaimee Sabin first closed the doors their main feeling was sadness in not to be able to carry on exercising as a community.

“Still we knew everyone would be okay because our clients all hold the importance of exercise as a high priority in their lives. I knew whether at home or in nature they’d be keeping fit!”

The coaches quickly adapted to an online environment.