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“Artificiality” by artist Leslie Son at Kelmarna Gardens

Third Year Architecture student at Auckland Uni, Leslie Son, has created a fascinating installation at Kelmarna Gardens in Herne Bay for visitors to explore.

It’s part of Grey Lynn & Around’s Papatūānuku Urban Flora and Fauna Trails for #ArtweekGreyLynn.

“Because architecture can be a daunting practical pursuit I like to do other things like photography and this installation – sculpture.

“I saw the opportunity to make something at Artweek so I wanted to dive into what I’ve learnt studying architecture, to explore what the future scope of art can be, says Lesley.

“And I wanted to go even further to explore artificial intelligence and how this can be integrated into art – not just the practical things AI can be used for,” says Leslie.

He is researching into digital technologies of design / architecture

The theme of “Artificiality” presents a stark contrast the natural world and celebrating the environment at Kelmarna Gardens with the idea of exploring the potential of how artificial intelligence can be applied in the world of art, design and architecture..

The installation is made entirely of wood – kindly donated by BUNNINGS.

Leslie who was born in South Korea, came with his family came to NZ when he was five – he said he visited Kelmarna when I was in primary school, so it’s great to be now back there contributing!

“My next art project is diving deeper into what I did this time…I might do something more long-term, again working with Bunnings. “

Go visit the installation which will be at Kelmarna Gardens at 12 Hakanui Street a couple of months.

#Artweekgreylynn #artweekakl

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