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Angus Collis: resurgence of images from beloved rural / seascape NZ

Angus Collis will be exhibiting at Corcovado. It’s been almost two years since Angus and his wife Iryna returned to live permanently in NZ from Iryna’s Barcelona. Although his paintings in Spain draw on his New Zealand heritage, Angus’s return to home has seen a resurgence of images from his beloved rural / seascape New Zealand.

Angus and Iryna have settled in the Opotiki area. He has spent time organising their new home and building his studio on the edge of Ohiwa Harbour; then painting, printmaking, and selling works privately and working on commissions.

For the last 25 years Angus has exhibited regularly in NZ: In Auckland, at Dunedin’s Artist’s Room Gallery, and internationally in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. We are delighted to see work here in Grey Lynn and Around at Artweek 2020.

Angus is showing three new artworks for the first time.

The Last Hour 170 x 130 oil on canvas

Antidote to Despair 170x130 oil on canvas

Chandelier 65x95 oil on canvas

His inspiration:

Angus says his inspiration comes from random places.

“Exploring science and the mysteries of the world takes me to a spiritual and metaphysical place. When I look at an object, I imagine an image of that object. I translate that image into an idea, and then I express the idea and form in a composition. I observe then present the extraordinary in the ordinary. For me, the best way to harness my inspiration is to do the work. I see painting, and painting well, as a discipline."

"Then it’s up to the viewer and what they see in my paintings.”

His paintwork:

“The works are extremely layered… maybe 20 layers. When I consider colour I explore how I can get (for example) the different variations of blues and browns. There will be many layers of paint to get exactly what I want… and there are more colours underneath even then…sometimes I might even partially remove some layers. I can keep working for months on a painting to balance the colours to express the image / idea I am after.”

Hot off the Design Press - Thread Design

Angus provided images for the production of cushions and throws in collaboration with the NZ homewares and bedlinen brand Thread Design located at 274a Richmond Road, Grey Lynn.

You can wrap yourself in an Angus Collis with the new Lewis Pass Road Collection, a stunning addition to Thread Design’s Art series. The images are inspired by winter trees in the New Zealand rural landscape, digitally printed onto luxurious velvet and merino throws and cushions. and on fb and insta

Check out Angus’s website or on fb and insta

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