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Greening Grey Lynn

A community project.

We've been advocating with the Waitamata local board to secure funding for a project that we are super passionate about - The Greening Of Grey Lynn. It's out intention to improve the aesthetic of our local villages through the use of plants. Lots and lots of plants! 

Our first Greening project will be focusing on the Grey Lynn village at the intersection of Great North Road & Willamson Avenue. If this project proves successful, we would love to continue expanding our offering into other sites across our suburbs. 

Our design plans are now in the final stages of being signed off and we need your help! We're keen to find out from our members and local community what type of planting scheme they would like to see gracing the streets of Grey Lynn. 

To provide your feedback, simply review the two options below and then cast your vote by filling out the form at the end. 

We are looking to have the new planters and plants installed by October 2020. 

Native Mood Board.png

Lush Native 


  • A mix of native New Zealand flora

  • Flowering trees, shrubs and grasses

  • Lush foliage with varying textures and shapes

  • Plants that stay green year round

  • Mostly a green colour palette with impressive seasonal pops of colour


Seasonal Mood Board.png

Seasonal Bee Feast


  • Flowering cherry & apple trees, spring bulbs and seasonal delights

  • A huge array of food sources for our bee and insect pollinators

  • LOTS of flowering colour to brighten up the streets

  • A mix of deciduous / winter dormant plants and evergreens.

Cast your vote. Get Involved!

Let us know what planting scheme you would like to see in place.


We're also on the hunt for volunteers that can help with the installation of pots and plants and who can also make themselves available for ongoing maintenance.

The final planting design choice will be weighed up based on the most popular design and also on how much help we can get to maintain the display, as each design does vary in their maintenance requirements. 

Write a Testimonial
Which planting scheme do you like best?
Would you like to help with the installation of pots and plants?
Would you like to help maintain the display?
How much time do you have available to assist?

Thanks for submitting! We'll be announcing the winning selection very soon.

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