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Jacob Faull

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WHAT is your business:

Nature Baby


Originally, I was making art and then started curating exhibitions. I was interested in how groups of individuals and ideas could change consciousness or at least make people think for themselves. My wife and I started the idea of Nature Baby when living in London with the birth of our first child. We set up an online (fax) business in the front room of our Ponsonby flat on returning home in 1998, then took over the West Lynn doctors (now gone) front room in West Lynn opposite Harvest Wholefoods before moving to our current store in the old Aladdin’s Bath House where we are still today. Our business has always been about the potential change for the better through the decisions we make culturally and financially. It has been a 20-year journey observing the changes in people, business, infrastructure and culture. One thing that has remained constant is that it is the people and their desire to make good together that achieves the greatest results.

WHY did you join Grey Lynn & Around: I saw the potential to bring businesses and the community together to work on common goals, to be able to thrive culturally as well as commercially

WHERE do you live:

I lived in the area as a student, young couple and now with my family. I have travelled to many other cities and I always look for the Grey Lynn in each of them; city fringe, arts based, alternative shopping, eco conscious, historical, up for change while being grounded in community.

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