Martin Steel-Brown

WHAT is your business:

City Botanics



I’ve been incredibly lucky in the experience I have gained from different industries over the course of my career. From animal health to food distribution, most of my core skills relate to customer service, sales and account management. Having continually worked for small organisations, I have also gained the ability to be agile and diversified in my approach and so have naturally become reasonably skilled in all areas of business success such as marketing, advertising and finance. However, the one thing I felt was missing from my career was an avenue to be creative. This naturally played out at home as a hobby in gardening and has been something that I have done since I was a child. I even have fond memories of sketching landscapes when I was in primary school! Striving to be truly happy in what I did every day, I felt I needed to integrate this creativity into my career while still allowing myself the chance to use the business skills I had already developed. The idea behind City Botanics was born from this desire and I am grateful that I can now apply my passion to my business each and every day. 


WHY did you join Grey Lynn & Around: 

For me, Grey Lynn is at the heart of where I want my business to be. I view Grey Lynn as a business partner and for a partnership to work, all parties must align in their ethos. Grey Lynn embodies a sense of wellbeing, sustainable practice, creativity and above all, community spirit. It is these core attributes that I strive to impart on my business every day.


WHERE do you live:

Hobsonville Point. I had the pleasure of living in Grey Lynn for the first 12 months after moving to Auckland from Sydney. While not currently living local, I am a regular visitor and patron to the area and see myself returning to live in future.

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