Mark Saunders

WHAT is your business:

Phronesis Limited- Conflict & Dispute Resolution. (I also work as a lawyer at the Property Law Centre)


Most of my working life has been in the practice of law and alternative dispute resolution. From sole practice to being a partner in a medium-sized legal firm, I have provided a wide range of legal services to a variety of clients, businesses and organisations in what is commonly referred to as General Practice. I have more than 20 years board and governance experience including in Tertiary Education, Health Regulatory Authority and a number of different sporting and community service groups. My conflict resolution experience includes mediation and facilitation and across such areas as Insurance claims arising from the Christchurch Earthquakes, and disputes arising from the Blue Chip Finance collapse. As a qualified and experienced coach and manager of various sporting teams I bring a team-centered approach to resolving challenges and setting goals. I have strong experience in Strategic planning and Operational oversight. I am looking forward to contributing to the growth and strengthening of the Grey Lynn community.

WHY did you join Grey Lynn & Around:

My involvement with the Grey Lynn Business Association started about three years ago when I was working at a Grey Lynn-based legal practice. After I left that practice I was invited to join the Board. 

WHERE do you live:

New Lynn

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